9th & Colorado

9th & Colorado is designed to reintegrate a 26-acre former hospital into the surrounding neighborhood fabric by blending apartments and…See More

Block A

Located at the center of the new Denver Union Station Neighborhood, Block A features over 300,000 square feet of mixed-use space…See More

Hyatt House Belmar

Hyatt House is a six-story, upscale extended-stay hotel in the heart of Belmar’s restaurants, shops and offices…See More

Mission & Values

Continuum’s mission remains the same as it was when it started; to create human habitats of extraordinary character and enduring…See More

Westridge Commons

Set in the heart of the Midland/Odessa TX, metro area, Westridge Commons brings a spectacular new destination to the region with this…See More

Belmar Shopping District

Belmar Shopping District is a new downtown for Lakewood and Jefferson County spread out over 50 buildings which include restaurants,…See More

Denver Union Station District

Denver Union Station transformed 19.5 acres of abandoned rail yards into the most celebrated multi-modal transit hub in the country…See More

In The News

Colorado Expression By Marge D. Hansen Continuum Partners LLC occupies the top floor of the recently completed A Block building in the…See More