Continuued is on a mission to create more durable habitats for our world and connect communities more deeply to their surroundings and to one another.

Nimble is Now

Continuum Partners was founded in 1997 to create a more equitable and sustainable human habitat. We are proud of our transformative work, but the world is changing there are significant challenges facing our communities.

Collectively we must make dramatic shifts to avoid the worst forecasts of climate change, while addressing the rapid escalation in housing prices as people concentrate back into urban environments.

To develop innovative solutions to big societal challenges, we must work within a rapid experimentation framework and at a nimble scale. Smaller is faster.

Continuued’s Commitment

Continuued was formed in 2017 to advance Continuum’s commitment to innovation and seek opportunities to develop adaptive solutions. Right now, we are focused on two products:

  • Long-term housing security for middle income earners in high-value markets
  • Recreational experiences developed using experimental building techniques that are intimately responsive to their natural ecosystems.

Current Projects

Recreational Experiences

As technology dominates every aspect of our lives, people are craving physical experiences that connect them with the natural world. Continuued’s recreation projects allow us to test experimental ideas. Anchored in local stewardship and nourishing hospitality, these properties draw people to experience new ways of interacting with their built environment.

Small Lot Rentals

Continuued is developing new, long-term, middle-income rental housing designed to integrate into single-family neighborhoods. Residential rezoning in cities across the country could improve access to affordable housing in high-quality neighborhoods. We are exploring how thoughtful design and innovative construction can reshape neighborhoods to be inclusive and unique.

Blue Houses

A prototype for replicable solution for densification of single-family neighborhoods close to amenities & transit.

Frontier Drive In

Innovative hospitality project in the heart of Colorado’s San Luis Valley that integrates visitors with the natural world.

Born Mountain Club Hotel

A carefully curated mountain refuge, ski - in/ski - out hotel and members club at Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Holiday Theater

Artist studios and housing, plus an integrated and active performance theater for Denver’s cultural institutions.

5th Generation Developers

Beginning with 1st generation Falcone’s in Central New York and now passing the torch to Luke and Sonya Falcone, real estate runs deep in the veins of the Falcone family.

With each generation, our commitment to community, family and environment has strengthened. We look forward to bringing that spirit of kin and connection to all our Continuued projects.

From our long-term small-lot rental housing platform—designed to bring together extended families and friend networks into communal living spaces—to hospitality projects that bring people from all backgrounds together under a spirit of adventure and culture, we believe the next century needs to be powered by meaningful human connection.