Continuum Partners – Innovating Today – Imagining Tomorrow

Colorado Expression

By Marge D. Hansen

Continuum Partners LLC occupies the top floor of the recently completed A Block building in the Denver Union Station District. The team, guided by CEO and founder Mark Falcone, takes inspiration from the spectacular views and revitalized neighborhood but resists distraction from the work at hand: an ever-evolving list of new projects that are changing the look and feel of metro Denver. A national leader in urban, mixed-use, large-scale developments, Continuum’s contributions to Denver’s built environment include notable landmarks spanning a variety of uses, including hospitality, retail, office, transit and residential to land and neighborhood development.

“I am most proud of the variety of projects and scales we have been able to work at,” says Falcone, who established Continuum Partners in 1997 and has been recognized for the leadership role he brings to the industry. Falcone has earned numerous awards for his inventive and groundbreaking work, including two Urban Land Institute Awards of Excellence and CEO of the Year by ColoradoBIZ for his commitment to the $500 million Denver Union Station Transit Center redevelopment project.

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