9th and Colorado Implosion

DENVER IMPLOSION – By: Mackenzie Concepcion

It’s not every day that you see an entire building literally crumble to the ground.

A building at the old University Hospital was demolished Saturday to make way for a redevelopment project.

A quick series of about 170 small detonations rocked the building over a period of about 30 seconds, followed by a cloud of dust.

And it looked pretty cool. That’s why practically everyone who came to see the implosion brought a camera.

“That’s where the emotion is. You know, it was a workplace and I enjoyed working there, but my daughter being born there, that’s what was important here,” said Jason Booe who came to the barricade with his daughter.

Suzanne Brauer, a former nursing student at this campus also stopped by to see the implosion. “To me it is sad. Because my youth just disappeared!” She says she wishes she could have walked through the campus’ well known tunnels one more time.

So if you missed it Saturday, don’t worry. You can still watch the implosion – from a lot of different angles.  Check out this story on 9news.com: http://on9news.tv/1F71xXg