Category: Mixed-Use & Transit

16 Market Square

Located at the center of the new Denver Union Station Neighborhood, Block A features over 300,000 square feet of mixed-use space including a boutique hotel, office and retail on both 16th Street and the Train Platform.... Read Full Aricle

Belmar Shopping District

Belmar Shopping District is a new downtown for Lakewood and Jefferson County spread out over 50 buildings which include restaurants, boutiques, offices, residences, theaters, artist studios, parks and plazas encompassing more than 2 million square feet of development.... Read Full Aricle

Bradburn Village

Bradburn Villiage, masterplanned by the internationally celebrated firm of Duany Plater Zybeck turned a 120 acre farm into a unique, walkable commercial village and one of the highest value residential neighborhoods in the Northwest corridor.... Read Full Aricle

Denver Union Station District

Denver Union Station transformed 19.5 acres of abandoned rail yards into the most celebrated multi-modal transit hub in the country while at the same time creating the framework around which over 5 million square feet of commercial development sprang, creating an entirely new downtown neighborhood.... Read Full Aricle