Asher Werthan

Asher Werthan

Asher joined Continuum as a Partner in 2022. He serves as Chief Investment Officer and CFO and is a member of the Investment Committee.

Before Continuum, Asher was Managing Partner of Estes Capital, a commercial real estate investment advisory firm. Prior to Estes Capital, Asher spent nearly twelve years at Platinum Equity, an operations-focused private equity firm with a global, multi-industry portfolio. During his tenure at Platinum, Asher was responsible for making investments in the real estate and hospitality industries.

Asher first worked with Continuum Partners while at Platinum Equity, where he led the acquisition of a mixed-use Qualified Opportunity Zone project developed by Continuum. He continued to work with Continuum on this project and others during his tenure at Estes Capital.

Asher serves on the Board of Trustees of Minds Matter Colorado, a mentoring organization serving high-potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California.