Belmar Residential


Today, some 3,500 residents call Belmar home. They live in the 1,200 lofts, condos, townhomes, single-family detached homes, rental units and senior-oriented apartments that comprise Belmar’s high-demand residential neighborhood.

Belmar offers a wide variety of housing options that appeal to a wide demographic. The apartments over storefronts offer a unique, urban feel appealing to millennials. The larger apartment complexes include amenities typical of more conventional suburban communities. The Townhouses and duplexes appeal to empty nesters offering single family ownership within walking distance of all the retail and entertainment of a regional shopping center. And finally the condominiums, live-work spaces and senior housing further broaden Belmar’s residential appeal.


Belmar’s inviting green spaces and public plazas encourage strolling, socializing and shopping. It’s everything a neighborhood should be, with art openings, live music, dog walking, skating, events like the Festival Italiano and open-air farmer’s markets — all within a short walk.

Belmar residential property values are the highest in Jefferson County on a per square foot basis and 2-3 times higher on a per square foot basis of those in the surrounding neighborhoods.