Belmar Sustainability

Belmar is not only a national model for rethinking the urban design of our suburbs, it also reset the bar for green building techniques in the market. The near billion dollar development incorporated a variety of sustainable building technologies and practices into its design. Belmar partnered with some of the best resources available including the National Renewable Energy Lab, headquartered in Lakewood to help set the standards for the new neighborhood’s ecological footprint.



85% of material from the site’s demolished buildings was recycled into new construction, at no additional cost.

Solar Power

Belmar is one of the region’s largest solar building installations and has more solar panels than any other U.S. retail center. It maintains 8,370 solar panels that produce more than 2.3 million megawatts of electrical energy annually.

Wind Energy

Belmar is Colorado’s first wind-generated retail center. Its urban wind farm generates 700-900 kilowatt hours of electric power per month.

Silver LEED Certified

Belmar’s Silver LEED certified buildings were amongst the first in the country and house a variety of tenants including Integer, Whole Foods, Target, Best Buy and Nordstrom Rack.


Pedestrian and Transit

Belmar has a walk score of 89 (out of 100) and continues to look for ways to reduce automobile reliance. Belmar recently partnered with Car2Go to add lots for their carshare service further enhancing access to Downtown Denver and RTD’s light rail station just 2 miles north of Belmar.

EPA Award for Smart Growth Achievement in 2005.

Belmar is on continual quest to reduce energy consumption and its carbon footprint through leading-edge lighting retrofits, state of the art evaporative cooling systems, storm water management and ongoing forestry programs. All of these initiatives serve to further enhance the quality of life and experience for the residents, employees and visitors of Belmar.