Belmar Shopping District
Lakewood, Colorado

This $750 million project is the downtown of Lakewood, Colorado, home to 80 shops, 20 restaurants and more than 3,500 residents.

Belmar reset the region’s expectations about how our traditional suburban communities could be adapted to a more ecologically sustainable and human-scaled feature.

A dynamic confluence of commerce, civic life and ecological stewardship, Belmar has become a national model for sustainable, smart redevelopment.

Belmar features 726,000 square feet of top-tier retail centered on national favorites like Nordstrom Rack, Target, Whole Foods, Sur La Table, DSW and Victoria’s Secret.

Almost 3,500 residents call Belmar’s 1,200 lofts, condos, townhomes, single-family detached homes, senior-oriented apartments and rental units home.

Once a deteriorating low-rise shopping mall, Belmar has been transformed into everything a neighborhood should be, with art, music, ice-skating and events like Festival Italiano.

Belmar has become the downtown Lakewood never had. In the process it set a new standard for suburban development throughout the region.

Belmar’s success is derived from the fact that it was not conceived as a “project”; but a collection of projects organized around a framework of public streets.